How Long Does It Take To Build An Outdoor Living Space?

Patio with outdoor furniture

Building an outdoor living space is a big job and one that requires a lot of planning and preparation. But after the planning and preparation are complete, how long does it actually take to build? And what are the factors that can impact the timeline?

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some key factors, including the type and complexity of the project, the experience of the builder, the materials used, and more.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a better idea of how long it would take to create your perfect outdoor living space installation

What Is An Outdoor Living Space?

An outdoor living space is an extension of your home that allows you to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the comfort of your own property. There are many different types of outdoor living spaces, from simple patios to elaborate pergolas with built-in fire pits and water features.

How Long Does It Take To Build An Outdoor Living Space?

Patio with furniture and wood structure

Timelines for these various projects can run anywhere from a few days to several months, depending on the project’s complexity and the experience of the contractors that you hire.

How Long It Takes Us To Build Outdoor Spaces

Here at Grand Design Landscape, we pride ourselves on completing high-quality outdoor living spaces quickly and efficiently so you are able to enjoy your new space as soon as possible. After the design phase, we can complete a standard 200-square-foot patio outdoor living space with drip irrigation, high-grade landscape fabric, and rock ground cover within 1 week.

A premium outdoor space will take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete. This can include a 300-square-foot patio and 200-square-foot walkway, a trash can pad, 5 trees, 20 shrubs, an underground drainage system, drip irrigation, high-grade landscape fabric, and rock ground cover.

A deluxe outdoor living space can take 6 weeks or more to complete. This can include a 300-square-foot patio, 200-square-foot walkway, trash can pad, 5 trees, 20 shrubs, underground drainage system, drip irrigation or artificial turf, high-grade landscape fabric, rock ground cover, a 14’x14′ pergola, landscape lighting, seating wall, built-in gas fire pit, and water feature. Many contractors take 2-3 months to complete similar projects.

Check out our outdoor living space installation prices page for more details!

Factors That Can Affect The Timeline

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No matter what type of outdoor living space you’re dreaming of, there are several factors that determine how long it will take to build. 

Type And Complexity Of Project

Every project is different, so the amount of time it takes to build an outdoor living space can vary greatly based on the type and complexity of the project. For example, if you’re just building a simple patio, the entire process could take between 2 days and 10 days, depending on the size and materials used.

On the other hand, if you’re building something more complex, like a large paver patio and a pergola with a gas firepit, built-in seating, lighting fixtures, and landscaping, then it could take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. 

Here are some various outdoor living space components and the average time that Grand Design Landscape typically take to complete each one:

  • Firepit: 1 day (with gas line installation: 2-3 days)
  • Pergola: 3-5 days
  • BBQ: 1-3 days
  • Patio: 2-10 days

Experience Of Builder

The experience of your builder can have a big influence on how long it takes to create this type of sanctuary.

If your builder has extensive knowledge and skill sets, they’ll be able to bring your project to life quickly and efficiently. A skilled contractor can ensure the project runs smoothly and is completed in a timely manner.

However, hiring someone who isn’t as knowledgeable could easily lead to delays due to costly mistakes.

Grand Design Landscape has completed over 100 outdoor living space projects in the Reno, Nevada, area and our exceptional work speaks for itself.

Materials Used

Patio with furniture and chimney

How long does it take to build an outdoor living space? The answer depends, in part, on the materials you use. If you select materials that are not readily available or have to be special ordered, it could add to your project timeline.

Here at Grand Design Landscape, we use stock lumber instead of pre-fab kits to build our pergolas and other shade structures. This allows us to build them efficiently and quickly without the need for different-sized screws or other specialized attachments. We also build our BBQ and firepits with blocks that don’t require mortar, so they take less time to build.

Subcontractors Availability

Subcontractors are independent contractors or companies hired to complete specialized work tasks. Their availability can often have an impact on both the timeline and quality of your project. Depending on the size of the project and the number of subcontractors you need, waiting for a spot to open up in their schedule might add days or even weeks. 

Here at Grand Design Landscape, we do all of our building work in-house. This allows us to save time and avoid most of the delays associated with subcontractor availability. The only specialized tasks that we hire outside subcontractors for are related to electrical and gas line work.


Larger projects require more time than smaller ones do. If a large area is being used to create an outdoor living space, a complex project may require up to several weeks of intensive labor and planning.

On the other hand, if the outdoor living space is smaller in size, tasks such as installing an irrigation system or constructing a retaining wall would take much less time and could typically be finished within days. 


So much depends on the weather, and outdoor living space construction is no exception. If you’re trying to complete a project outdoors, the weather can have a big impact on how long it takes. Rain and storms can lengthen the timeline because working in those conditions can be unsafe. These conditions create complications, and extra care needs to be taken when working with various tools and materials.

Not only that, but depending on the nature of your outdoor living space design, certain temperatures can be necessary to construct those features safely and properly. As a pro tip, keep an eye on local forecast reports in order to make sure you plan realistically with the number of days required for completion.

Project Site

Every project location has its challenges, so it’s important to consider variables such as terrain, soil condition, and any existing structures that have been built on-site before you start construction. Uneven ground or difficult slopes can add extra time to your project, while an ideal lot with flat terrain could make the process faster. 


Dealing with roots or other hidden structures can also add extra time to any project. If you start digging and discover a bunch of thick roots or some other underground obstacle, work may have to stop until it is removed. It may even be the case that you will have to move the patio location.

Additions Or Upgrades

When constructing an outdoor living space, adding upgrades or additions can significantly impact the length of time it takes to complete the project. Homeowners should consider their desired results carefully before proceeding with their dream build. Adding extra patio space, a firepit, or elaborate landscaping after construction has started can all extend the timeline for the build substantially. 

How Long Does It Take To Design An Outdoor Living Space?

Outdoor living space design

How long it will take you to design your outdoor retreat depends on several factors: how detailed you wish to make the design, the complexity of construction and installation, whether or not you’re working with a professional, and any maintenance that may need to be done afterward.

The scope of your projects can vary immensely. While simple patios can be designed and built in a matter of days, larger projects that include pool areas and gardens may require months to create a design plan.

Let Grand Design Landscape Build Your Dream Outdoor Living Space

Building an outdoor living space is an exciting process that has many benefits, but understanding all the factors that influence timelines is essential. There are lots of factors involved, from the type and complexity of the project all the way down to the materials used. Each one impacts how long it takes from start to finish for construction completion. With proper research and planning ahead, however, most homeowners should expect their dream outdoor spaces to come true within reasonable timelines. ​

Now that you know all of the different factors that go into building an outdoor living space, you can start to plan your project. Keep in mind that the timeline for your project will be unique to your situation.

If you need help designing and developing an outdoor living space tailored to your needs, fill out our contact form today. One of our skilled landscape professionals will reach out to discuss your project in greater detail and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to helping bring your vision for an outdoor living space to life!

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