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Project 1

New Backyard in south reno, 2,560 square feet

Pavers: 1064 square feet of belgard cambridge coble pavers $26,600
Seating walls: 2 seating walls 11’ long each $4500
Raised planter: 5’x8’ raised planter $2800
Boulders: 4 boulders $2000
Lawn: 490 square feet of lawn $2,940
Curbing: concrete curbing around the lawn $1,200
Irrigation: Lawn sprinkler system $4,500
Rock mulch: landscape fabric with a rock or DG mulch ground cover $3500
Plants: Plant 27 shrubs #5 size $3,375
Trees: Plant 6 trees #15 size $3,000
Fountain: $2,100
Electrical conduits: $1,800

Project 2

Re-landscape the front yard and build a hardscape courtyard in south Reno

Demo: Remove the existing front walkway and all front yard landscaping $5,000
Pavers: 1064 square feet of belgard cambridge coble pavers $26,600
Block walls: Build the block walls with the sunken center caps to define the courtyard space $12,500
Wall Columns: Build 2 block columns 3’ tall with a stone cap $5,000
Dry creek bed: Build a dramatic dry creek bed with large boulders and river cobble $5200
Free form boulder terrace: Build a mild boulder terraced
Project Total: $54,300

Project 3

Build a retaining wall in a new backyard

The wall is 120’ feet long and 3’ tall. The semi circle alcove in the middle is 6’ tall. This wall project came in at $43,520
Seating walls: 2 seating walls 11’ long each $4500
Raised planter: 5’x8’ raised planter $2800
Curbing: concrete curbing around the lawn $1,200
Fountain: $2,100

Project 4

New front yard landscape in Incline Village lake tahoe

Excavate and grade the yard $12,000
Irrigation: $7,200
Dry creek bed: $5,600
Grass: $5,400
Ground cover mulch: $7,500
Trees: 5 japanese maples $4,000
Shrubs: 19 shrubs #5 size $2,375
Perennials: 54 perennials #1 size $3,510
Project Total: $47,585

Project 5

Putting green installed in Callahan Ranch

30’x18’ putting green with fringe, 3 holes and 3 decorative boulders $17,000

Project 6

Build a 20‘ x 40‘ recreation pond 5 feet deep with a cascading waterfall in West Washoe Valley

Pond: build a recreation pond 40’ long, 20’ wide and 5’ deep. $100,000
Water fall: build a 25’ long cascading water feature that circulated 10,000 gallons/hour from the pond. $45,000
Rock tower water feature: Build a 5’ tall stacked boulder tower water feature that circulates 10,000 gallons/hour from the pond. $20,000
Electrical utilities: Sub contract, install a new electrical sub panel and plugs for the water pumps. $7,000
Project Total: $172,000

Project 7

New backyard in Spanish Springs 2,400 square feet

Pavers: 650 square feet of paver for patio and walkway to the driveway $16,250
Pergola: $9,500
Boulders: 4 large boulders $2,000
Irrigation: $4,800
Grass: $3,500
Curbing: $1,000
Ground cover: $7,350
Trees: 8 trees $4,000
Shrubs: 18 shrubs $2,250
Project total: $50,650

Here’s What Our Customers Say

We are passionate about what we do, and love getting the chance to help our community. Our goal is to build relationships and give our customers the best experience possible.

Kathy Erickson
Kathy Erickson
Absolutely love my new landscaping. Ben is easy to work with and very knowledge. Would highly recommend.
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark
Property care systems is a great company. They are fast, friendly, reliable, and hardworking. I would recommend them to anyone!
Bonnie Hendryx
Bonnie Hendryx
This is the second paving project Ben has done for us. The quality of workmanship is outstanding, and Ben and his employees are a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Property Care Systems.
Leslie Davis
Leslie Davis
Ben and his crew are easy to work with and have done an amazing job on transforming our yard into lovely and usable space. We couldn't be happier with their work, professionalism and dedication to getting it right. We have had them do two jobs for us and both were done as planned and within agreed upon terms. We highly recommend him and wouldn't hesitate to hire him, again.
Ben Mollman
Ben Mollman
Ben and his team were excellent. The provided great service from design and quoting through project completion.
marla brounstein
marla brounstein
Ben conducted himself in the highest manner of professionalism with an ease of down-to-earth approach to make one feel relaxed. His workers are all top notch & care for the property & its surrounding environment is great.
Neuro Fighter
Neuro Fighter
Top rate service! Very happy with Ben's design and completion of our backyard. Throughout the process he was upfront with the costs and very responsive to our questions. We are looking forward to having them do our front yard as well.
Andrew Sesto
Andrew Sesto
There aren't enough stars to give to Ben and his guys. No matter the size of the project or the complexity of the detail requested, Ben and Nick exceeded expectations, ahead of schedule, time and time again.
Pam Pearson
Pam Pearson
Property Care Systems did an excellent job of xeriscaping our front yard. Ben and his crew were on time, efficient, and professional through the process from start to finish. We are very pleased with the outcome and their ability to work with us during the project to arrive at the visual appeal that we were looking to achieve. Would certainly use their services again.

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